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Cheesy Pick Up Lines – ‘Cuz Goofy is Cool

Posted May 21, 2013 by cjg5735 with 1 comment.
Cheesy Pick Up Lines – ‘Cuz Goofy is Cool

Cheesy pick up lines scare most people. Guys are afraid that they will be laughed and women are afraid that they will be seen as ditzy.That’s exactly what makes a pick-up line perfect. It instantly makes you seem a bit vulnerable and that makes you approachable to prospective partners.

Awesome pick up lines for guys to hit on girls, like “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk back again?” are corny enough to make girls smile and think that you are corny enough to be cute.

If you’re looking for a man, cheesy pick-up lines for girls won’t make you seem dingy, but will make you seem innocent and endearing.

There are lots of examples in movies and TV of people who have become sex symbols by being innocent and cheesy. Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart or, more recently, Zoey Deschanel have all made a living out of being cute and cheesy.

Cute and cheesy go hand-in-hand. And cute is always better.

In a world where every guy who walks by is puffing up their chest and every girl is lifting her skirt or showing her cleavage, being cute, sweet and innocent will get you noticed and remembered.

You will hear people say someone is hot, but never in a way that makes you think they want to keep that person around for more than a night.

“He’s really cute and funny.” Gentlemen. That is romance gold.

“She’s a very cute woman.” Ladies, that’s what memorizing some funny pickup lines will get you and that’s what you want.

So, go ahead. Learn these awesome lines. Walk up with your “would you rather” questions and see how it goes.

Nothing will have them remember you faster than few great, hot lines.

1 comment on "Cheesy Pick Up Lines – ‘Cuz Goofy is Cool"
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