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Funny Questions to Ask People – Fashion for the Event

Posted May 18, 2013 by cjg5735 with 0 comments.
Funny Questions to Ask People – Fashion for the Event

If you are the shy type, fumbling with your stomach as you try to say something, then you need to spark your imagination. Try starting with funny questions to ask people. Everyone loves to have their mind titillated, but avoid those brainiac math puzzles. Those are simply torture to the mundane intellect. Bring it down to Earth, where we can all enjoy a little rib poking.

The best questions to ask people are ones that take them by surprise, but do not jar them in the wrong way. Your goal isn't to get them pissed off at you. It is simply to wake them up, but still make them laugh. For example, you would never want to turn a woman against you, when you were trying to draw her romantic interest in you. You need intriguing questions to ask a woman, not offensive ones. When you think about being humorous, err on the conservative side. It is better to be a little less humorous than to be offensive and rude with your anger.

The funniest questions to ask people are often the questions you would never ask out loud. For example, Why does some shit float and other shit sink? Be careful using that one, especially in mixed company. The point is to pick random questions that aren't so random. They are chosen for that time, place, and audience.

When you measure your audience beforehand and pick only those questions that won't offend them or enrage them, then you have found the boundaries within which you can safely work to make people laugh. Come over to and find all these kinds of questions and more. Try new questions out on others who visit the site and see what works and what flops. Don''t flop next time you have to venture out into the human race and talk face to face.


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