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“Go to sleep, PLEASE!” Slumber Party Games

Posted May 18, 2013 by cjg5735 with 3 comments.
“Go to sleep, PLEASE!” Slumber Party Games

There are few things in life that require as much patience and understanding as the 1 am slumber party noises. The giggling girls looking at their Facebook accounts. Boys wrestling and about to take out a wall.

How do you get them all going in the same direction, sitting still and talking? Fun slumber party games.

One of the best sleepover games you can play requires no equipment and is really easy to get started. Try playing 'would you rather.'

All you need to do is start out by asking a single 'would you rather' question. Then you can pick someone to answer of the person to your left can answer it. Then they ask the next person.

The questions you can ask a group of young girls would be, for example:

“Would you rather dress like Lady Gaga or act like Britney Spears?”

“Would you rather be dancer in combat boots or a swimmer in a Prom gown?”

“Would you rather kiss Justin Beiber once or kiss Justin Timberlake for an hour?”

For young boys, it can be different:

“Would you rather be one of the X-men or a GI Joe?”

“Would you rather be a giant monkey or a tiny cobra?”

“Would you rather be a Transformer or Batman?

The key is to find the things that really interest the kids and talk to them about those things. Fun sleepover ideas really only involve finding way s to keep the energy of the kids focused on the things that interest them that won't destroy your house.

One of the best birthday party games can use the same basic idea.

“Would you rather be John's friend today or 30 years from now when he's your Mom's age?”

“Would you rather see Kelly with blue hair or a donkey's tail?”

The best slumber party ideas let kids be themselves and talk to them about the things that they like. So have fun looking for things that you can turn into would you rather questions.

Oh, and don't plan on getting any sleep.

3 comments on "“Go to sleep, PLEASE!” Slumber Party Games"
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