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Hey, Stud-muffin! - How to get a boy to like you

Posted May 18, 2013 by cjg5735 with 0 comments.
Hey, Stud-muffin! - How to get a boy to like you

You're already perfect. There are always things that you can tweak and change, but you, your heart, your mind, you're already perfect. So, let's look at the little things we need to do to complete the package.

Most women wonder at some point in their life about how to find a boyfriend. The easy part is finding a boyfriend. The hard part is finding one that is really going to treat you well and make you happy.

First, if you can't find a boyfriend in the circles that you're in, you need to meet new people. Easier said than done, sure, but it can be done. Everyone has at least one interest that they haven't pursued. If you like to write, join a writers' group. If you like to sing, audition for a local show. If you like to run, find a local runners group. There is nothing with starting something to learn something else and hoping that there will be a great guy there. Often, there is. Online groups are just as valid, but you need to remember that it is easy to hide who you really are online.

So now you have met a guy and you are wondering if he really likes you. Knowing how to tell if a boy likes you can be tougher than it sounds. One of the best ways to know is to simply ask. “Hi. I like you. Do you like me?” Direct and to the point; any guy worth his weight in a chocolate will like being approached that simply.

What about dating? Well, here are a couple of dating tips. Actually, these are things to watch for:

If he tips badly, he doesn't appreciate the efforts of other people. That means that he probably won't appreciate what you do either. If he isn't laying down at least 18% for good service, be afraid.

If he's gets angry with people like other drivers and store employees easily, it probably means that he will get angry with you easily too. Nobody needs a hot tempered jackass.

If he shows up after a third date dressed like a slob, it probably means that he's a slob. Fine if that's what you want.

Before you put yourself out on the market, there are a few questions you need to answer for yourself:

Would you rather have a self-assured guy with a touch of ego or a demure pansy who can't hold up his end of a conversation?

Would you rather have a guy who is insanely hot but acts the fool or a guy who is average looking but know who to talk to you with love and caring?

Would you rather have a guy that you have to train to be an adult or a guy who knows how to do his own laundry?

Now what can you do to be more datable:

Dress like a woman. This doesn't mean dresses all the time, but wear jeans designed for a girl's body and shoes that came from the girls' side of the store.

Be yourself. Don't pretend to be more vapid than you really are or to be more slutty that you are. Be you, otherwise, you're selling a lie.

Give as good as you get. Women change too much in relationships some times. Don't change any more than he does. Otherwise, he is likely to get bored with you being a push-over and move on to a girl who is a challenge.

Good luck and remember: No matter what size you are or what your daddy did, you are perfect right now. As soon as you acknowledge that, you will be able to find the right person to help you become more perfect.


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