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If You Laugh I'll Hire You - Funny interview questions

Posted May 18, 2013 by cjg5735 with 0 comments.
If You Laugh Ill Hire You - Funny interview questions

Every job applicant that has been on an interview has heard the same questions every time:

Why do you want to work for us?

What can you bring to our organization?

What do you hope to get out of our organization?

Blah, blah, blah!

How about some funny interview questions that might tell you something about a person.

Would you rather get a $10,000 raise and no vacation time or no raise and two weeks paid vacation? (Do they value money or quality of life?)

Would you rather write a three page letter or tune up a car? (Thinker or doer)

Would you rather work alone for a week or in a group for a day? (Loner or team player)

Creative interview questions are in very short supply in this world. One of the real problems with the “oldies, but goodies” is that there are entire books of interview questions and answers dedicated to telling them how to answer these questions effectively.

'Would you rather' questions have some huge advantages when used for interviewing:

  • They are unpredictable – Since they aren't in every interview book every written, there is no guide book on how to answer them.
  • They are familiar – Most of us have been answering questions like this since we were children. They can seem fun, even if the subject is mature.
  • They are simple – Offering someone two choices, while not necessarily realistic, can give you an idea of what they value and what seems important to them.

Funny questions are not necessarily out of the realm of possibility either. “Would you rather eat apples for the rest of your life or eat chocolate for the rest of your life?” Watch their face. They will be so busy figuring out why you are asking this question that it will be funny and informative.

One of the things that is missing from interviews is the fun factor. If you were to really use the interview process as a gauge, every job is the most boring, painful experience one could ever suffer. In reality, work isn't, or shouldn't be, that bad. Have a little fun. 'Would you rather' questions have the beauty of being funny without being potentially offensive.

One of the best things you can do in an interview is to knock a person back onto their heels. That way you get to see them think 'on their feet.' Interviewer questions that provide a bit of confusion while getting at some vital piece of information can tell you much more than an entire essay this person writes. Even if it seems that you are using weird interview questions to get to the point, the information you receive will be more honest more and more reliable than if you go with the same old stuff that they have been training for since their were 15.

Give it a try. You will learn a lot and you are guaranteed to get a laugh out of it.


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