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She Blinded Me with Science! Chemistry pick up lines

Posted May 18, 2013 by cjg5735 with 0 comments.
She Blinded Me with Science! Chemistry pick up lines

Just like real chemistry, if you mix the wrong ingredients in a relationship, you can get an explosion. If you mix the right ingredients, you might be able to make gold.

One of the fastest ways to determine if there is chemistry in your relationship is to see what reaction you get to your pick up line. Did you choose the right line? Did you say the right thing to the right person?

Can you help me determine if I am allergic to sex?”

Baby, did you fart? 'Cause you blew me away.”

Your face or mine”

Can I buy you a drink and talk to you for five minutes?”

Would you rather fast forward time or rewind time?”

Would you rather be in a family of nudists or strict Mormons?”

Would you rather get caught cheating by your family or by your partner?”

It's all about knowing how to make the person you are talking to feel like you care about what they think and what they feel. Chemistry is that feeling that you have when someone “really gets you.”

There all different kinds of good pick up lines: funny pick up lines, dirty pick up lines, sweet ones, corny ones and funny ones.

One of the best ways to truly help to start a relationship with chemistry is to ask the other person to talk about themselves.

Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with every episode of Survivor or with a copy of Moby Dick?”

Tell me, how would you respond if I said that you are the most beautiful man I have ever seen?”

You could even try science pick up lines:

Would like to bind your molecules to my molecules?”

Newton said two bodies can't occupy the same space at the same time. Wanna test it out?”

People love two things in this world: talking about themselves and hearing their own name. If you can find out their name before you try to pick them up, so much the better. If not, then all you really need to do is make that the next thing you ask.

Remember, that, just like real chemistry, sometimes strange elements can make for amazing new things. Hydrogen, an explosive gas, and oxygen, a gas needed for fire, combine to make water, a liquid that puts fire out. Just because you are preppy doesn't mean you don't have anything in common with a skate-punk. Because you are a parent with two young kids doesn't mean you can't get along with a partner who is an only child with no kids. Being 65 and retired does not mean that you can't get along with someone who is 45 with teenagers in the house.

Chemistry is also about a bit of experimentation. Try meeting and dating other people. The worst that can happen is that it won't work out. Adults should be able to part ways amicably, even as friends.

So have fun and play with your chemistry set!


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