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“This silence is KILLING me!” Ice Breaker Games for Adults

Posted May 18, 2013 by cjg5735 with 1 comment.
“This silence is KILLING me!” Ice Breaker Games for Adults

Nothing is so uncomfortable as being at a party full of grown ups where everyone is sitting around staring at each other. Sitting waiting for someone to start an interesting conversation, or even a fight, can be as exciting as watching pain dry.

So, why not ask, “Would you rather watch paint dry for an hour or talk to your mother-in-law for five hours?” Start the party with ice breakers that will make everyone laugh and talk.

'Would you rather' questions can make for great ice breaker activities. All you need is a bunch of questions ready to go.

One great way to start the game is to hand out a card to each person with a separate 'would you rather' question on it.

Would you rather spend a week with your worst enemy or without your best friend?

Would you rather lie in a bed of spiders or in a bed of mice?

Sure there are lots of supposedly great icebreaker games for adults, but most of these games feel contrived and forced. 'Would you rather' questions are the kind of thing that you have been doing since you were a kid, but it is very easy to update with adult questions.

They can even be a bit risque. For example, “Would you rather watch your grandmother pole dance naked or have sex with Rosie O'Donnell on the field in a packed football stadium?” Of course, be sure you gauge your audience, but have fun. There are very few ways to offend someone, if you play nice and approach this with a light heart.

The best part of using 'would you rather' questions is that they are easy to come up with and can be on almost any topic.

Here are few examples that can be tied to a specific audience:

Christian: “Would you rather have an hour with Jesus or a year with Saint Paul?”

Co-workers: “Would you rather get a $10,000 raise and lose your vacation time or get no raise but have 2 extra weeks paid vacation?”

Sports fans: “Would you rather get batting lessons from Babe Ruth or throwing lessons from Joe Namath?”

Movie fans: “Would you rather be on the set for 'Casablanca' or 'Titanic'?”

Science fiction fans: “Would you rather drive the Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon?”

You can see that the possibilities are endless and the contexts can guide you to the right questions to ask. All you have to do is relax and enjoy laughing at the answers with your friends.

1 comment on "“This silence is KILLING me!” Ice Breaker Games for Adults"
's avatar

Johnb77 (Username: )

on March 5, 2017, 2:23 pm said:

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